"Fortune Cookies" or, "How can I Metroid?"

A Fortune Cookie is an item you can buy in the Nookling’s Store for 2 Play Coins. Play Coins are earned by walking with your 3DS–for every 100 steps you take, you earn 1 play coin and you can earn up to 10 Play Coins a day. You can only hold up to 300 Play Coins total though.

When you eat the fortune cookies, you get a fortune that works a bit like a raffle. It will have a quote and a number on it and depending on what number you get depends on the item you get. Just talk to whichever Nook Brother is working that day to redeem the fortune. Fortune Cookies are how you get special Nintendo Items!

You can buy as many Fortune Cookies as Timmy and Tommy have for sale a day (the amount changes with different expansions) as long as you have enough Play Coins.

Please Note: Some of these names are using the Japanese name. They will be updated as we learn English names!

Fortune Cookie Prizes:Β 

  1. Mushroom Mural
  2. Brick Flooring
  3. Hero’s Tunic
  4. Random Item
  5. Hero’s Pants
  6. Random Item
  7. Peach’s Parasol
  8. Hero’s Hat
  9. Majora’s Mask
  10. Varia Helmet
  11. Midna’s Mask
  12. Toad Hat
  13. Red Pikmin
  14. Blue Pikmin
  15. Yellow Pikmin
  16. Random Item
  17. Brick Block
  18. Coin
  19. Flag
  20. Fire Flower
  21. Mushroom
  22. Green Shell
  23. Starman
  24. 1-Up
  25. ? Block
  26. Green Pipe
  27. Fire Bar
  28. Bullet Bill
  29. Yoshi Egg
  30. Random Item
  31. Red Shells
  32. Kart
  33. Pikmin
  34. Blue Falcon
  35. Master Sword
  36. Arwing
  37. Triforce
  38. Random Item
  39. Dolphin Model
  40. Virtual Boy
  41. Wii Balance Board
  42. Varia Pants
  43. Varia Shoes
  44. Wario Mustache
  45. Mario Mustache
  46. Varia Suit
  47. Metroid
  48. Bananas
  49. Hero’s Boots
  50. Fi Mask

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